CANCELLED - Planning and Facilitating Classroom Discussions

Let’s discuss discussion! Join us as we model several effective strategies for structuring and promoting discussion among small (and large) groups of learners. This workshop will help you to identify strategies for increasing student participation and creating an inclusive environment for discussion. We will also describe the characteristics of great discussion questions and help you to plan an effective discussion-based activity to incorporate into your instruction.

Getting Metacognitive: Teaching Students How to Learn

The more students understand about the science of their own learning, the more effective they are. Unfortunately, many struggle because misconceptions about memory lead to poor study strategies, assumptions about their own abilities limits growth, and subconscious motivations undermine academic goals. Come learn strategies for helping students become more self-aware and metacognitive learners.

Classroom Assessment Techniques: Gathering Real-Time Feedback from Your Students

Classroom Assessment Techniques (aka CATs) are activities that can help instructors monitor students' learning in their classes, get quick feedback on their teaching, and also help students to think metacognitively about their own learning. CATs can take many forms - and you may already be using them in your classes! CATs can take up a minute of your class time or the whole period, depending on which CAT you choose. They can be graded or ungraded, individual or collaborative, impromptu or planned, and focused on any aspect of the class.

4-Session Design Sprint for Your Online Course

Are you teaching an online or blended course in the Winter 2020 or Spring 2020 semester? Join this Design Sprint Faculty Learning Community and we’ll help you:

  1. Clarify your course goals
  2. Configure your syllabus
  3. Design your ELMS site
  4. Develop weekly units of study (content, activities, and assessments)

Only the first session is in-person; the rest you can join online.

If you sign up for this blended, 4 week Learning Community, you can expect:

Active Learning at Scale: Techniques for Large (and Small) Classes

We can all agree that engaging our students as active participants in their own learning is a good thing, but figuring out how to do that can be daunting (especially in large courses). This won’t be a lecture on active learning - come ready to test out several different strategies that you can use this semester and learn more about new classrooms and programs that can support you.

Help! I am Teaching Online this Winter

Are you teaching a fully online course in the Winter Term (January 2 - January 22)? Time is passing quickly and we want to set you up for success! Join us for three short hours of dedicated working time. You will walk away with a clean syllabus template, an ELMS site that is ready for your content, and some online assignments that are customized for your course.


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