Laser Focused: A Dashboard of Student Success Indicators

Friday, January 27, 2017 - 11:00 to 12:00

McKeldin 4123

As demand for accountability grows, institutions are being asked to present data to document their accomplishments, particularly in the area of student success.

Hear Jeff Gold of California State University share about CSU's Student Success Dashboard, which was developed to allow campus leaders from the 23 CSU campuses to monitor on-track indicators and better understand not only which milestones students are failing to reach, but why they are not reaching them. The Dashboard presents a series of cutting edge visualizations at the college, department, major and course level. The goal of these efforts is to assist institutions in the development of cultures of inquiry that move from data to action.

Seminar Outcomes

  • Gain increased understanding of the power of predictive analytics to drive strategic decision making that’s laser focused on student success.
  • Apply this understanding to your own institutional context to consider how you might further their strategic use of student data
  • Gain hands-on experience with the CSU Student Success Dashboard, enabling you to visualize student progress at the largest university system in the country (please bring laptop or tablet).


Speaker Bio

Headshot of Jeff Gold


Jeff Gold is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success Strategic Initiatives, Research and Innovation at the California State University Office of the Chancellor. In this role, Jeff provides leadership to the Graduation Initiative and a variety of related strategic projects which provide CSU faculty, staff, and administrators with innovative analytical tools that enable them to understand the impact that their policies and programs are having on student success. Jeff has over twenty years of higher education experience in both the public and private sectors.