Professionalization Opportunities for GTAs

University Teaching & Learning Program

The TLTC, with support from the Dean for Undergraduate Studies and the Dean of the Graduate School, developed the University Teaching and Learning Program (UTLP), a certificate program designed to assist in GTAs’ professional development as college teachers. At the heart of the UTLP is the philosophy that teaching, like research, is a scholarly activity, one which requires intellectual engagement and public conversation.  To complete the TLTC’s program in University Teaching and Learning, GTAs must fulfill requirements that reflect this philosophy.

When GTAs complete the program they will receive both transcript notation and a certificate acknowledging their participation in the program, tangible evidence of their thoughtful engagement with issues central to college teaching.  This program is self-paced.  GTAs with at least one semester of college teaching experience (at the University of Maryland or elsewhere) are welcome to apply.  For more information or to register for the UTLP, please contact the UTLP coordinator at 301-314-1287 or visit

Teaching Assistant Portfolio Retreat

If you plan to teach at the university level, you will need a statement of teaching philosophy and a teaching portfolio.  The TLTC hosts retreats in which GTAs will write their statement of teaching philosophy and create a teaching portfolio.  This is a valuable opportunity for all graduate teaching assistants who anticipate entering the job market within the next two years.  For upcoming retreats and more information visit:

The Graduate School-TLTC Graduate Teaching Fellows Program

The Graduate School-TLTC Graduate Teaching Fellows Program (formerly Graduate Lilly Fellows) is a graduate student learning community funded by the Graduate School in partnership with the TLTC to support the professional development of graduate students who aspire to be university faculty.  The program is modeled after the very successful Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows Program for faculty, which has been in existence for nearly two decades.  The Graduate School-TLTC Graduate Teaching Fellows Program is open to senior graduate students from across campus who are making appropriate progress to degree and who have at least two years of teaching experience.

The program provides up to eight graduate students from the College Park campus the opportunity to meet regularly during the academic year to discuss important issues in undergraduate education.  The selected fellows are expected to develop a sustained conversation about teaching and learning and together construct and implement a project, initiative or event relevant to the improvement of the educational culture at the University of Maryland.  Full-time senior graduate students from the College Park campus who are interested in lively explorations and discussions on teaching and learning are encouraged to apply. For more information about this program visit

International Teaching Fellowship

The Graduate School, in partnership with the TLTC, offers a fellowship program to support the professional development of international graduate students. The International Teaching Fellowship pairs international graduate teaching assistants who have recently joined the University with a mentor who observes and consults with the international students to facilitate their development as future faculty and as current teaching assistants.  The International Teaching Fellows meet as a learning community several times each semester under the guidance of the TLTC.  They write, share, and discuss reflections on teaching and strategies for improvement of their understanding of effective undergraduate teaching.  Candidates for this fellowship are nominated by their departments.  Further information on the program expectations is available at

Lilly-DC Conference Grants

The Lilly-DC Conference combines interactive workshop sessions, discussions, and feature presentations with opportunities for informal discussion about excellence in college and university teaching and learning.  Each spring, faculty and graduate students from across disciplines and types of academic institutions come together to exchange ideas and network.  The TLTC staff, along with University of Maryland faculty and GTAs, have attended this conference for a number of years.  It is an outstanding opportunity to meet others from the Mid-Atlantic interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning and to discuss effective strategies for undergraduate education.  The TLTC, with support from the Dean for Undergraduate Studies, awards the TLTC Lilly-DC Graduate Student Conference Grants that will cover the costs of attending the conference.  For more information visit:


Tanya Lokot, a Ph.D. student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, participated in the TLTC Teaching Portfolio Retreat